The Benefits Of Amoha Natural Vitamin C Face Wash: Secret To A Glowing Skin

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When used on a regular basis, the Vitamin C Face Wash by Amoha Natural can work miraculously on your skin. More than just a cleanser, the face wash can make you look younger, brighten your complexion and serve as a remedy to a multitude of skin conditions.

What Makes Face Wash Containing Vitamin C So Popular?

For a long time, experts, beauticians and dermatologists have reinforced the lasting effects and the role of Vitamin C in your skin’s health. The consensus is that Vitamin C is proven to definitely work! Not to mention, it is indeed organic and all-natural.

Does eating oranges and food high in Vitamin C have the same effect as using the face wash? While the consumption of food rich in Vitamin C, such as oranges, lemons, spinach, kale, peppers and tomatoes, prevents and treats scurvy, the topical use of Vitamin C on your skin in the form of face wash and creams has its own advantages.

What purposes does the Vitamin C in the Face Wash serve? From relieving sun damage and acne to preventing the ageing of skin, the antioxidants in the vitamin work directly on your skin rendering an even skin tone,brightening and repairing your skin, and making your skin healthier and firmer.

Amoha Natural Vitamin C Face Wash works well on any skin type – oily, dry or normal. While Vitamin C can be applied topically in the form of serum, cream, moisturizer and lotions, using Vitamin C based face wash is a very quick and effective way to incorporate Vitamin C in your skin care regime.

In this article below, we have thoroughly examined the overall benefits of Vitamin C and how it works to deliver a radiant and glowing skin.

How Is the Vitamin C Infused Face Wash made?

Vitamin C is originally abscorbic acid and l-abscorbic acid, an ingredient that repairs damaged skin. In its purest form, it is highly potent. It is a powerful antioxidant and has ant-inflammatory properties. Hence, individual shaving sensitive skin or skin easily prone to burns, sun damage or acne shouldn’t use large doses of the pure form of the acid.

The best topical use of Vitamin C can be made by blending the vitamin with one or more all-natural skin care products such as rose water, aloe vera gel and such.The combination mitigates the potency of Vitamin C and is gentle on your skin.

Alternatively, the face wash created by Amoha Natural is a readily available formula, with the right composition of Vitamin C and other natural ingredients, that makes it perfect for all types of skin without causing irritation.

Do you know how the face wash and the Vitamin C in it benefit your skin?

  1. Did you know that Vitamin C has anti-ageing effect on your skin?

The skin contains two main proteinselastin and collagen. The proteins work together in maintaining the firmness and texture of the skin. High amounts of both proteins results in healthy and youthful skin.

Collagen aids in keeping the skin firm, preventing or eliminating the lines and wrinkles, and protecting the skin from sagging. The collagen protein is made up of amino acids. Vitamin C promotes the production of those amino acids and in turn more collagen. Using the Vitamin C wash on a regular basis fuels constant production of collagen and keeps your skin firmer.

Elastin is a protein that helps increase elasticity of the skin and maintain its shape by preventing sagging. It can make your face look plump and fuller.

The production of increased elastin and collagen can also reverse the ageing effects on the skin.

  • Did you know Vitamin C can serve as an exfoliator?

The acid in Vitamin C can exfoliate the dead cells in the skin and make it look brighter. This, in turn, promotes regeneration of new cells, thus renewing your skin itself.

Washing your face regularly with Amoha Natural’s Vitamin C Face Wash can clear the pores, detoxify and regain the glow in your face.

  • Did you know that Vitamin C has a healing effect on your skin?

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can fight the free radicals in the cells. Aiding the production of collagen and elastin, the vitamin in the face wash can repair the cells, healing your skin.

  • Is your skin prone to acne, scars, patches and blemishes?

Vitamin C is known to reduce dark spots on the skin by regulating hyper pigmentation. It can regain your original skin complexion and make you look brighter.

Using the Amoha Natural Vitamin C Face Wash on a regular basis, you can see a reduction in the brown spots and patches on your skin until they are finally gone.

  • Sun burns or tans aren’t any more fun than the vacation itself

Sun burns or burns from the tanning bed can age your skin prematurely. You can reverse the damage caused by the UV radiations using Amoha Natural’s Vitamin C infused face wash. The healing property of the vitamin tames the burns and reverses the damage caused by tanning. The regular use will help you notice significant reduction of the burns and blemishes on your skin in a very short time.

  • Do you know Vitamin C can serve as a natural beauty agent?

Although Vitamin C regulates abnormal pigmenting, it doesn’t change the original pigmentation of your skin. Therefore, it restores the natural beauty and glow of your skin, and makes your complexion brighter.

  • Does your young skin need a natural lift?

You don’t have to be old and ageing in order to incorporate Vitamin C infused face washing your skin care regime. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. It’s easier to save your young skin than control the damage later.

Using Amoha Natural face wash on your young skin can give a natural boost to the skin and delay ageing. Increased production of collagen and elastin can give your face a natural lift enhancing your natural beauty.

How To Use Face Wash On Your Skin?

If you’re using a face wash already, it is time to switch to one that is fortified with Vitamin C. While Vitamin C Face wash is a quick and easy way to cleanse your skin, it serves a purpose greater than a cleanser, the effects of which can be seen only when used on a regular basis over a period of time.

Below are the steps that describe the right ways to use the face wash effectively for long-lasting results:

  • Wet or rinse your face with lukewarm or normal water.
  • If you have make-up on, remove it using a make-up remover such as coconut oil, and then rinse with water.
  • Take grape sized amount of face wash in your finger and apply it on your face in circular motion until lather is formed. Wet face helps the face wash spread easily.
  • Spread the wash on the entire face and continue massaging in circular motion for 30 to 45 seconds on cheeks and forehead.
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm or normal water and pat dry your face gently with a towel.
  • Do it twice every day for best results- as soon as you wake up and before bed
  • Notice a radiant and glowing skin in few weeks. Notice the disappearance or lightening of any discoloration, hyper pigmentation, sun burns, scars or blemishes.
  • Finish off your face wash with your favorite moisturizer.

How To Store Effectively?                             

The face wash containing Vitamin C is a clear, light color cleansing liquid although the color can vary based on the formula and ingredients.The acid can get oxidized over time and the face wash turns into a darker color (brown) when exposed to light and air. Hence, it is best stored in a cool and dry place. As long as the color is clear and the face washing liquid is not oxidized, it is good for use.

Quick Tips

  • It is better to use the Vitamin C based face wash every other day until your skin is used to it.
  • Once your skin develops tolerance, it can be used every day, one or twice per day as part of your skin care regime.
  • Make sure the Vitamin C in the face wash is not oxidized over the course of period. This can be done by checking for the color timely.
  • It is also best to buy smaller sizes of the face wash, finish it and buy new again. This ensures that a large bottle doesn’t sit and oxidize while you’re still using.

The Bottomline

Amoha Natural Vitamin C Face Wash is a perfect formula with several benefits. Among the many Vitamin C infused skin care products, Amoha natural is a trusted brand and its face wash is the answer to several skin problems. Not only is it a natural medicine for scars and blemishes, but is also a beauty product that makes your skin youthful and rejuvenating. It is never too late to make this face wash an integral part of your skin care regime!

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