• Desi Rose Water


    100 ML

    Made from the most coveted and fragrant Chhetri Gulaab (the Indian Rose) our Desi Rose Water is your ideal year-round toner. After the best roses are carefully handpicked and sourced, they are steam distilled to extract pure and fragrant rose water that refreshes, rejuvenates and rehydrates your skin.
    Apply it directly as your daily toner or facial mist or mix it in with Amoha Natural face masks for a burst of hydration.

    Natural Toning

    Desi Rose Water


The unsung hero of your skincare routine, toner, is a must-have by your basin. A toner essentially minimizes your pores, protecting you from acne breakouts, white heads, blackheads and build up of grime, leaving your skin even-toned and hydrated.
Our toner, enriched with the goodness of the ever fragrant Indian rose, soothes, tones and purifies your skin and restores your skin’s pH balance.

Here’s a pro tip, our toner doubles as a face mist as well for all those hot afternoons! This alcohol free, natural multitasker can be used as a facial mist to soothe and refresh skin and can even be used as a base for your makeup.

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