• Silk Cocoon Face Scrub


    8 GMS

    A luxurious indulgence to its core, this exfoliating Silk Cocoon Face Scrub tightens, brightens and softens your skin.
    Experience skincare extravagance as you enjoy the benefits of silk.

    The silk cocoon contains 18 types of amino acids that are extremely beneficial to your skin. Sericin assists in collagen production, protects from UV damage and regulates the skin’s natural moisturising factor while Fibroin helps tighten skin, reduce wrinkles & acts as an excellent natural exfoliator. Apart from these, there are 16 other amino acids that reduce dark spots & promote new cell growth.

    A natural face scrub, it deeply cleanses your pores and skin.

    Silk Cocoon Face Scrub


There’s more to skin care than just the holy trio of cleansing, toning and moisturising. When looking after your skin, you cannot forget the equally important step of exfoliation. Exfoliators help rid your skin tackle numerous concerns and take on daily problems of grime, dullness, tanning, excess oil and dead skin buildup. That’s where our natural face scrubs step in.

Gentle on your skin and packed with a luxurious hero ingredient, our exfoliating face scrub will help tighten, brighten and soothe, leaving you with skin as soft as silk.

It’s time to take your exfoliation to a new level with our silk cocoon exfoliators.

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