• Brightening & Radiance Day Cream


    50 ML

    The Brightening and Radiance Day Cream is all you need to do away with dullness, dark spots and pigmentation. This natural moisturiser is infused with licorice, marshmallow root, vitamin C and SPF, making it the perfect day cream. With its potent curation of brightening ingredients, its SPF protection and light moisturization, this cream is all you need to take on the day.
    Use it daily for radiant skin!

    Brightening & Radiance Day Cream

  • Advanced Anti Ageing Cream


    50 ML

    Ageing gracefully without the signs is every woman’s dream! That’s where our Advanced Anti Ageing Cream enters, slowing down signs of premature ageing with its careful formulation.

    Enriched with natural anti-ageing ingredients like Baobab fruit extract and vitamin B5, this supercharged cream will take your skin back to its original bright and youthful appearance.

    Perfect for the day as well as the night, this light moisturizer with its non-greasy formulation gets rid of fine lines, wrinkles and stress marks with potent natural super ingredient, the extract of the Baobab fruit. It increases the production of collagen while enhancing your skin’s elasticity.

    Advanced Anti Ageing Cream

  • Green Tea Moisturiser


    100 ML

    This Green Tea Moisturizer harnesses the power of natural antioxidants and battles bacterial proliferation, keeping acne and blemishes at bay. With a blend of rare essential oils, it keeps your skin hydrated without greasiness! The perfect base for putting on your makeup as well.
    Its lightweight formulation nourishes and soothes your skin, keeping it refreshed and oil-free all day long.

    Green Tea Moisturiser


Let’s talk about the magic base of every skin regime – moisturizer. One of the most important steps in skincare, moisturization, is where you need to look when you’re working towards restoring your skin’s natural suppleness and moisture content. Our range of creams and moisturizers have been carefully formulated for the optimal health of your skin.

Paraben free, these creams are instead enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients like Baobab fruit, licorice and green tea, making them gentle enough to slather on your skin every day!
Each of our products, be it the Brightening and Radiance Day Cream or the Advanced Anti-Ageing Cream, have been thoughtfully curated to not only deliver on the moisturization it promises but to also go ahead and address any other skin concerns you may have.

Their unique formulation provides fundamental nutrients through loads of natural ingredients, making them the best choice when it comes to moisturization especially when you take into account their non-greasy formula!

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