• Nutty Almond Lip Balm


    10 GMS

    Amoha Natural’s Nutty Almond Lip Balm has been uniquely crafted for softening chapped lips. Created with an authentic blend of Almond and Aloe vera and natural oils, its extraordinary moisturising properties butter up your lips naturally, making them soft and luscious. Its unique blend of natural ingredients lightens dark lips and replenishes moisture lost.

    Nutty Almond Lip Balm


Life is too short to spend licking dry lips and soft lips is definitely everyone’s dream. That’s why we’ve curated a natural lip balm that will help you achieve those butter-soft luscious lips you have always wanted.

An intensely moisturising formula, our lip balm is sure to provide your lips with the nourishment they need. Filled with natural ingredients like almonds and aloe vera, our lip balm will leave you with remarkably brighter coloured plump, smooth lips and the perfect pout!

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