• Skin Rejuvenating Routine


    It is important to take a few minutes out of your day to take care of tired skin. We’ve set up a Skin Rejuvenating routine for you to help you out. Building on nature’s rejuvenating ingredients, this routine nourishes and rejuvenates your skin, giving it nature’s love and care. With our careful curation of the Divine Instant Face Mask along with the Green Tea Moisturizer, Vitamin C Face Wash and Silk Cocoon Face Scrub, healthy, rejuvenated skin isn’t a far fetched dream any longer.

    Skin Rejuvenating Routine

  • Skin Brightening Combo


    Our Skin Brightening Combo is sure to leave you with brighter skin and an unparalleled glow. Building on nature’s brightening and rejuvenating ingredients, this routine brightens and nourishes skin, giving it a healthy glow. Our hero, the Radiance and Brightening Day Cream with licorice and marshmallow root extract, when paired with Divine Instant Glow Face Mask, the Vitamin C Face Wash and Vitamin E Essential Oil nourishes and treats dull, tired skin.

    Skin Brightening Combo

  • Anti Acne Combo


    Our Anti Acne Combo is all you need on your journey to acne-free, clear skin! Update your daily skincare regime with our curated pack containing four products that are inspired by nature. This ritual includes fighting acne with a Bentonite Clay Mask, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Green Tea Moisturizer and Silk Cocoon Face Scrub. Each of these products keeps acne-causing bacteria aside while helping treat acne and acne marks.

    Anti Acne Combo

  • Anti Ageing Combo


    Ageing gracefully is a dream. We’re here to make that come true with our Anti-Ageing Combo! Our iconic Advanced Anti-Ageing Cream with the magical Baobab fruit extract and pro-vitamin B5, when paired with the French Green Clay Mask, Silk Cocoon Face Scrub and Desi Rose Water fights the signs of premature ageing.

    Anti Ageing Combo


Stuck with specific skin concerns but don’t know where to begin? Luckily we’ve got your back! Targeting individual skin issues like acne, ageing, dull and tired skin, we set out to curate distinct skincare combinations with four essential products that battle each of these concerns.

Now discover our four combos, Anti-Ageing, Anti Acne, Skin Rejuvenating and Skin Brightening, perfect for achieving your best skin! It’s time you take a look at some of our best curations that deliver perfect results without a doubt! Choose your skin squad and get started on your journey to healthy, happy skin.

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