• Combo of 4 Soaps

    100 GMS each

    A collection of four luxurious and nourishing natural soaps. Now you don’t need to choose your favourite!
    A thoughtfully curated combination of soaps that tackle dull skin, premature ageing, acne and tired skin, take a look at what’s inside!
    ● Beetroot Treatment Soap – High in folates, beets stimulate the production of new skin and help repair damaged skin while keeping your skin protected from ageing.
    ● Carrot Cinnamon Treatment Soap – This power duo fights acne! Carrot is rich in vitamin A which reduces inflammation and acne while cinnamon’s antibacterial properties eliminate any acne causing bacteria, thus leaving you with healthy and clear skin.
    ● Papaya Treatment Soap- Naturally rich in potassium, papaya pulp hydrates and rids your skin of dullness, leaving bright and radiant skin in its wake.
    ● Orange Cinnamon Treatment Soap: Naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, this soap protects you from acne and reduces premature ageing leaving you with hydrated and radiant skin that is free of acne!

    Each of our soap bars are handmade, infused with potent natural ingredients and completely sulphate free.

    Combo of 4 Soaps


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