How to Cope with Stress & Anxiety


The world as we know it has changed to something unrecognisable and never seen before. With all of us trying to find the ‘new normal’ in this unprecedented pandemic and lockdown, the uncertainty of the situation is affecting everyone differently. With the constantly increasing number of cases, the spike in unemployment, scarcity of essential resources & possible food shortages it doesn’t take much for our thoughts to spiral out of control and towards stress and anxiety triggers.

We’ve put together a list of things that can ensure the stress is kept at bay while we all make it through this together. Take a look.

Stick to your Old Routine

Keeping a routine is incredibly important at this time. Try to stick it as much as possible. Go to bed and wake up at the same time, get dressed as you would earlier, maintain your chore routine and exercise regime. Staying in comfy pyjamas or loungewear will promote the lethargic feeling further. 

Do Away with Clutter

Keep your surroundings and home clutter-free and clean. Cleaning is often found to be therapeutic and living in a clean home will make you feel better and more in control. If you live with others, it is best to do it together by assigning specific tasks to each person. Donate anything that is extra and unnecessary instead of throwing it away or hoarding it a home. 

Keep Your Mind Occupied

At this moment in time, our minds are very susceptible to wandering into danger and overwhelming areas. Instead, keep your mind occupied with engaging and interesting things. Take on new hobbies or try something for the first time. Keep your mind away from thoughts of being stuck at home alone.  Instead, focus on other positive things like having the time to do all those things you always wanted to. Remember, we’re all in this together.

Avoid Stress Triggers

With a tsunami of information out in the world and something new coming up every few minutes, sticking to your phone is understandable. However, it isn’t actually helping you, instead it is causing undue stress and anxiety. Limit our time on your phone and following up on the current news.

Keep Moving

Staying at home doesn’t mean remaining stuck to your couch all day. WIth bing eating becoming a part of our new routine, a non-active routine will make you feel sickly and bloated while you put on a few more kilos. Make sure exercise is part of your daily routine. There are several different ways to stay active at home. Find what you like and make it a part of your day.

Take care of Yourself

Stress and anxiety can cause many health concerns. A lot of these are physically visible and are seen through breakouts and hair fall. Take the time you have to care for your skin and hair by nourishing it with masks

Build Your Relationships

Feeling alone and isolated and alone can overwhelm you and leave you feeling anxious. At times like this try to remember that everyone else is going through the same thing as well. So instead, reach out to the people close to you. Keep in touch with those you cannot meet and spend time with those you are with.

Nothing is definite in this world. This will pass too and taking care of your mental health is crucial to help you make it through. So instead of fixating on the negatives and the things out of your control, focus on making this tie the best you can.

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