Amoha Natural Rose Water Benefits: A Spritz A Day Keeps The Dermatologist Away

Rose water

That enviable rosy glow of celebrities is no longer a distant dream. Amoha Naturals brings to you its Desi Rose Water benefits in a product that is all natural, effective and affordable.

What Makes Rose Water So Popular?

The usage of rose water is not a recent find. It has been an integral ingredient in the beauty regimes of famous names in history. In recent times, rose water continues to be used by celebrities like Salma Hayek, Mila Kunis, Naomi Watts, Meghan Markle Jessica Chastain and many more.

Is rose water just another fad or is it as effective as it claims to be? The fact that rose water can be used on all skin types, happens to be its stairway to popularity. Whether your skin type is oily, dry or a complicated combination, rose water suits each of them.

Amoha Natural rose water is 100% organic. This means that your skin’s natural glow is restored without exposing it to harmful chemicals. What are the other rose water benefits you could use? Let’s find out in this extensively researched article.

How Is Amoha Natural’s Rose Water Made?

The method of steam distillation is used to make this desi rose water. It is the most authentic method of production. The resultant is highly therapeutic rose water that retains the wholesome goodness of rose petals.

The first step in making this organic rose water is to pick the freshest and the most fragrant rose, Chhetri Gulaab, at dawn because that is when their fragrance peaks. Roses grown in home environment or in an organic environment are best suited for organic rose water since they are free from pesticides and chemicals.

The second step is to pass purified and distilled water through these petals so as to extract the color and the essence of the petals.

The third step is to collect the condensed water in a vessel.

This process will give your 100% distilled rose water that is completely safe for use on your skin.

Did you know how rose water benefits your skin?

Listed below are the ways in which rose water could benefit your skin miraculously.

  1. Do you have stubborn acne issues?

The ideal pH level of your skin should be 5.5 and very few of us enjoy this privilege. Acne results out of increased pH levels that attract dirt, bacteria and grime.

Rose water removes residual oil from your skin and maintains the pH balance. This eventually gets rid of stubborn acne and future outbreaks are also reduced.

  • Does your skin look dull?

Most often, dead skin cells remain as residues on our skin’s surface and mask the natural glow. If you are time bound to follow a proper skin care routine, simply spritzing rose water on your face for a few days could brighten up the dullest of faces.

  • Is it too late to reverse skin ageing?

Early signs of skin ageing are often ignored. We tend to take note only when signs like fine lines and wrinkles are visible. A lot of us wonder if it is too late to reverse the signs.

With Amoha Natural rose water, you can now reverse the signs of skin ageing. It strengthens the deepest layers of our skin and helps in the regeneration of new skin cells.

  • Is your skin patchy and uneven?

Rosy cheeks look pretty but an unevenly pigmented skin does not. If you tend to have a flushed face at the drop of a hat, your skin might be highly sensitive. Cosmetics would only add to your troubles.

Rose water benefits your skin by reducing uneven pigmentation and takes good care of sensitive skin.

  • Could your skin be lacking hydration?

Most of us are obsessed with finding remedies for oily skin and acne issues while your skin problems could even stem from lack of hydration. It is a misconception that rose water dries up your skin.

Rose water maintains the optimal pH level of the skin. It provides the right amount of hydration and rejuvenates your skin from within.

  • Are you back from your beach holiday with a bad tan?

A tan could be a nightmare if you are Asian. Asian skin has more melanin that makes it more prone to a tan that refuses to go. A beach holiday is all fun and games till you reach home and your tan lines stare back at you in the mirror.

Rose water can not only treat tanned skin but also provide cooling relief for sun burnt skin.

  • Are your under-eye bags getting puffier?

If you have a busy schedule and hardly get 4 hours of sleep at night, under-eye bags could be an ugly addition to your skin problems.

Rose water is anti-inflammatory in nature and spraying your face with it can reduce the puffiness significantly.

  • Has your dermatologist nearly given up?

If tons of medication and topical creams have failed to work and your dermatologist has nearly given up, here’s good news for you.

Rose water has cooling and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe eczema and psoriasis flare-ups. Using rose water extensively can keep your skin conditions from aggravating.

  • Are your pores perennially clogged?

Clogged pores are the biggest contributors to blackheads, acne and a dull complexion. If your skin is frequently exposed to pollution, clogging of pores could be an annoying problem.

Rose water deep cleanses pores and unclogs them so that your skin does not becomes breeding ground for bacteria and infectious elements.

  1. Does your skin need a natural boost?

You might not have any skin condition but if you are still on this page, it certainly means that your skin is missing something. If you are looking to add a natural boost to your skin, rose water could be your best bet.

It aids in maintaining the natural health of your skin and gives it a lasting glow.

How To Use Rose Water On Your Skin?

While rose water can simply be sprayed onto your skin if you are time bound, there are a few ways in which its efficacy can be enhanced. Listed below are three such ways.

  • As a toner

Most women ignore toning when it comes to skin care. Simply washing and moisturizing does not fulfill the skin’s needs. Toning helps restore the ideal pH balance of the skin.

One of the easiest ways is to mix rose water with lemon and fuller’s earth and make a thick paste. This paste helps to keep grease and grime at bay and to reduce oil secretion as well.

  • To get rid of under-eye bags

Under-eye bags come along with an annoying problem of discoloration. Your face looks tired and shows premature signs of ageing over a period of time.

To get rid of this puffiness, simply soak cotton pads in refrigerated rose water. Place these pads on your eyes for 15-20 minutes everyday to brighten up tired eyes instantly.

  • For an instant glow

Rose water benefits your skin by giving it an instant glow by firming and toning the skin texture. Rose water can be used as a face mist as well as a setting spray to retain makeup for longer. You can add lemon juice to rose water for acne-free glowing skin.

  • For hydrating your skin

As mentioned above, rose water does not really dry out the skin, as believed by many. It can be effectively used as a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. An easy way to do it would be to add rose water to your face cream and gently apply all over the face and neck.

Your skin will instantly absorb all the moisture and retain it for longer.

How To Store?

Rose water is best stored in the refrigerator. You will always have fresh and chilled rose water to spray onto your skin for freshness that lasts longer.

Quick Tips

  • Rose water can be used as a face and makeup cleanser. It will deep clean your skin without adding harsh chemicals to it.
  • Most face packs can be diluted by using rose water.
  • Rose water can be used to treat scars and wounds as well.

The Bottomline

Amoha Natural Rose water benefits your skin in a number of ways. All skin types can use it in their skin care regime, irrespective of the weather conditions. When you want the best product for your skin, start from scratch and trust Amoha Natural rose water to solve all your skin problems, sans chemicals.

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